Keith Boadwee/Keith Boadwee & CLUB PAINT
Keith BoadweeKeith Boadwee & Club PaintSpooning (with Justin Lieberman)
Photo by Mariah Robertson

Born: Meridian, Mississippi, 1961
Lives/Works: Emeryville, California

B.A., U.C.L.A., 1989

I am represented by Brennan & Griffin, New York and The Pit, Los Angeles. You are more likely to find recent works on their websites.

I'll be teaching at U.C. San Diego, Spring, 2018.

Upcoming shows:

Bio Perversity, curated by Ben Lee Handler, Nicodim Gallery, LA
Opens March 24, 2017

Atelier 34Zero will be publishing a book that documents my 2017 exhibition there. The book will appear sometime in 2018.

Review of my New York, Fall 2015, show here:

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Images of my recent New York show at SHOOT THE LOBSTER, HERE:

Review of Roberts & Tilton's And There is an End (including Keith Boadwee & Club Paint) HERE:

Here is a link to a review of my Hacienda, Zurich exhibition, June, 2014.

Send a message via this website if you would like to purchase a catalogue which was published in conjunction with the exhibition (pictured left). This catalogue includes 32 full color images and essays by Nicole Eisenman and Justin Lieberman.

Keith Boadwee & CLUB PAINT is my continuing body of collaborative paintings. Keith Boadwee and CLUB PAINT have shown a selection of works curated by Dan Cameron at GOOD CHILDREN GALLERY, New Orleans as part of his PROSPECT SERIES. We also received an ARTFORUM PICK for our show at ROCKSBOX, Portland, Or. We have exhibited at STEVEN WOLF FINE ART, San Francisco, NIKLAS SCHECHINGER FINE ART, Berlin and Hamburg, ARTIST CURATED PROJECTS, LA, The Walter and McBean Galleries, SF,CA, and PARADISE GARAGE, Venice, CA.

See the LINKS section for more info about any of these spaces.

Some links to reviews/articles about the paintings:

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