Keith Boadwee/Keith Boadwee & CLUB PAINT


Born: Meridian, Mississippi, 1961
Lives/Works: Emeryville, California

B.A., U.C.L.A., 1989

I am represented by The Pit, Los Angeles. You are more likely to find recent works on their websites.

Upcoming shows:

Keith Boadwee and CLUB PAINT at SMALLVILE, Neuchatel, Switzerland
opens June 7, 2019. There will be a book to accompany this exhibition made in collaboration with Oskar Weiss and Hacienda Press.

Solo show at THE PIT, Los Angeles, January 2020

Atelier 34Zero will be publishing a book that documents my 2017 exhibition there. The book will appear sometime in 2019.

Review of my New York, Fall 2015, show here:

A nice Brandon Brown piece on Keith Boadwee & Club Paint here:

Images of my New York show at SHOOT THE LOBSTER, HERE:

Here is a link to a review of my Hacienda, Zurich exhibition, June, 2014.
There is a book available from Hacienda Press.

You can download a PDF file of my complete CV by clicking on RESUME at the upper left hand side of this page.