Keith Boadwee/Keith Boadwee & CLUB PAINT


Born: Meridian, Mississippi, 1961
Lives/Works: Emeryville, California

B.A., U.C.L.A., 1989

I am represented by Brennan & Griffin, New York and The Pit, Los Angeles. You are more likely to find recent works on their websites.

Upcoming shows:

Keith Boadwee and CLUB PAINT at SMALLVILE, Neuchatel, Switzerland
opens June 7, 1019. There will be a book to accompany this exhibition made in collaboration with Oskar Weiss and Hacienda Press.

Solo show at BRENNAN AND GRIFFIN, New York, October 2019

Solo show at THE PIT, Los Angeles, January 2020

Atelier 34Zero will be publishing a book that documents my 2017 exhibition there. The book will appear sometime in 2019.

Review of my New York, Fall 2015, show here:

A nice Brandon Brown piece on Keith Boadwee & Club Paint here:

Images of my New York show at SHOOT THE LOBSTER, HERE:

Here is a link to a review of my Hacienda, Zurich exhibition, June, 2014.
There is a book available from Hacienda Press.

You can download a PDF file of my complete CV by clicking on RESUME at the upper left hand side of this page.